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Author | PhD Candidate
Creator of Kinky History


Kinky History is an online lecture series that explores the evolution of human sexuality - from scandalous stories from the Ancient World to the saucy secrets of famous figures. 

By speaking openly about these topics in a way that is educational, entertaining, and accessible, Kinky History aims to erase dangerous taboos which still exist around identity, gender, and sexuality.

Esmé created her "Kinky History" series on TikTok in October 2020. It has since grown to a following of over 2 million people.



SexTistics is a mini documentary series that uses statistics to create a snapshot – past and present – of gender, sexuality and identity within Australia. Mother and daughter academic duo Dr Susan James and Esmé James, who will write, direct and produce the series together, are ready to embark on a journey few have conquered before. Combining their respective knowledge of mathematics and human sexual history, Susan and Esmé are on a mission to explore intimate life within Australian society, helping to erase the taboo which still exists around such important information.

SexTistics has been the recipient of Screen Australia's 2021 Every Voice initiative (in partnership with TikTok Australia and the Australian Government).

SexTistics is available to watch now (exclusive to TikTok).