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Pantera Press has acquired world rights for

Kinky History: The Stories Behind Our Intimate Lives, Past and Present.

The publication draws on Esmé Louise James’s series on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube – which explores the evolution of human sexuality, from scandalous stories of the ancient world to the saucy secrets of famous figures like Albert Einstein and James Joyce – as well as the SexTistics series created alongside Esmé’s mother Dr Susan James, a statistician, which provides a snapshot of sexuality, gender and identity in the contemporary world.


By placing the past in conversation with the present, with the contribution of substantial statistical research from Dr Susan James, this book aims to blow open the conversation about sexuality and gender. Revisiting secret histories and folk tales allows us to debunk key cultural myths about sex; demystify sexual behaviours; and de-stigmatise readers in their own desires and identities. And refusing to let sex remain shrouded in secrecy and mystery allows us to take our power back.

The Awakening

Published by CleanReads, 2017

Shortlisted for Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel of the Year in 2013

Honeyflower and Pansy

Published by CleanReads, 2014

Amazon Bestseller 2014 - Children's Literature 


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