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Honeyflower and Pansy

Published by CleanReads, April 2015

"With hopes of educating Sage, who has autism, Amanda Daryl’s family find themselves living in a town which has an unfinished story to tell. When plans for the school’s construction are abandoned, Amanda’s instincts lead her to fight for her sister’s honour; unknowingly paving the way for experiences she could never have anticipated.

Faced with a drunken café owner, amusing new friends, and little Sage, who simply cannot stop eating, Amanda’s journey becomes comical, inspiring, and at times, heart-breaking. To achieve her goal, Amanda discovers she must first address the ghosts of this town, and place it back in motion.

And then of course, there is Tristan; the mysterious boy always lurking near the edge of the forest, who best expresses his emotions through flowers.

Honeyflower and Pansy attempts to capture humanity at its highest, and lowest points, ultimately offering a message of hope. It explores the different types of love that can be found in the world, even the ones found in the most unexpected places."

Available for purchase via Kindle, iTunes, Amazon, and more.


Autism Awareness Through Fiction, The West Corner

Quintessentially Quilly

Esme Pens Book Deal, Pakenham Gazette

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